Fred Gets Frustrated - A Children's Calm Down Book

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Fred Gets Frustrated book and Calming Activities Flashcards have been named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services by the Mom’s Choice Awards®

Fred gets upset when things don’t go as planned.  As he navigates everyday situations, Fred is repeatedly successful at employing techniques he has learned to cope with anger and frustration.

Find out how Fred displays emotional intelligence in this fun and beautifully illustrated children's calm down book where the reader will learn how to create his or her own calm down box.

If you are struggling to help your child manage their anger, meet Fred.  Fred helps children learn early emotional development skills that will grow along with them.

This book is appropriate for kids 4 to 10 and will enchant readers of all ages. Can be used as a resource for parents, caregivers, homeschoolers, therapists, and teachers.  Download the free companion Calming Toolkit.

Download the companion Calming Toolkit at to discuss and practice with your child.

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Fred Gets Frustrated - A Children's Calm Down Book

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